Saturday December 3th, 20Il

W.: Mark Draper Farm

19703 Lake Lincoln Lane

Eustis, FL. 32738-2201

All the Lodges from the District will be participating in this Degree Work.

Open ceremony will begin at 11:00 in the MM Degree.

We will be conferring the first Section of the MM Degree on our brothers.

The craft called from Labor to Refreshment for lunch.

Please bring a minimum of five dollars for lunch provided by our Brethren of Umatilla Lodge No 65.

The Rainbow Girls will be selling bake goods for desert.

Please bring money for our girls.

Labor will resume approx at 1:00 pm.

We will then conferring the 2nd Section of MM Degree on our brothers.

Closing Lodge approx 2:30PM

Bring a chair so you have a place to sit.

download the PDF here

outdoor degree