Masonic Child Identification Program

Sponsored By
The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge
Free & Accepted Masons of Florida

The mission of the Child ID Program is to:

  • provide a vital community service.
  • aid in the safe recovery of a lost or missing child.
  • encourage Masons to become involved in their communities.
  • promote a positive image of Masonry in our communities, broadening public awareness and recognition of Masonry as an involved community organization.

In the news, all too often, we see a story of a lost child or the apparent abduction of a child. It has become a major concern of every parent and of our society at large. No one wants to even think about a child missing for a minute. But history indicates that this happens all to often. And…the situation is getting worse. The Grand Lodge of Florida has created this program to help safeguard our children. It is operated under strict guidelines. Our mission is not complicated here. We want to make sure everything is done to help our local and national law enforcement agencies identify any missing children.

This program is absolutely free to the participants. Each child must have a parent or guardian present during the ID. Parents remain close to the child at all times during the process.

Our program is available to schools, daycare schools, churches or any community who wants to help protect our children. Many times we set up at community festivals, safety or health fairs. This program is brought to you by the local Masonic Lodges, and is sponsored by the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida. We are always looking for more good men,  if you are interested, please ask one of our members.

Children are our most important asset for the future of our world. It is for this reason that we must consider this program of vital importance to our communities. We can no longer think that the community in which we live and work is immune to child abduction. Every Mason must take an active role, as his civic duty and responsibility, to make this program available to every family in every part this great Jurisdiction. If you are interested in donating to assist us in Expanding our program, E-mail David Rosenthal at